Thursday, February 23, 2012


I think almost anyone who hears the phrase “I want it now” has an instantaneous flashback to the bratty little girl named Veruca Salt from the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory movie. Each and every time I hear those words or see her face, I think about those words as they apply to my relationship with food choices.

(My deepest apologies. That lyrical earworm is now firmly planted in your head, isn't it? It's playing in mine too, with little mumbles in the places where I forget the exact words to the song. Am I the only one who appreciated that moment where she fell down the chute?)

As the weeks of FirstLine Therapy nutrition pass,  I reflect on some of my challenges and choices of late. For instance, my friend Emily Woodward just opened a fantabulous bakery in Windsor called Get Baked. (Go ahead, click that link and like the bakery on Facebook.)

Emily is an amazing baker. She pours heart and soul into her creations. Each confection is more drool inspiring than the next - mini whoopie pies, bialy, cheddar and scallion scones, rugelach, baguettes, challah, pizza, garlic ciabatta, cinnamon raisin bread, strawberry lime muffins, pk's chocolate chip muffins, coffee cake, blueberry muffins, orange-cran muffins, chocolate cupcakes - well, you get the idea, right?

*wipes drool*

I am incredibly proud of what this young woman has dared to do and so happy to call her my friend. She enjoyed a successful soft open with a limited menu the weekend before Valentine's Day. Get Baked officially tossed open its doors on the 14th itself with a grand opening day celebration and ribbon cutting. It's been busy, busy, busy ever since.

Did you think I would miss her grand opening just because I am trying to reduce my body fat? Not a snowball's chance. So after a training session at Accelerated Fitness Solutions, I took my sweaty self up to Windsor to wish Em well and see what the place was like. I walked in at 6 pm to a still-packed room. Chatty people sipped coffee and noshed their baked goods at the counter, Emily's mom was running the register and the baked goods were flying off the shelves.

There I stood, wanting to be supportive, but not planning to sabotage myself.

I compromised, purchasing two long baguettes and two pieces of Sicilian style, thick pizza. All were destined to be gifts for my mother.

Here is where Veruca comes in - the old me would have said "I want it now". I would have enjoyed a taste of just about everything and more than a taste of very specific items. But, I have goals. I cannot give up what I really want for what I want right now.

In general, I don't eat sweets or baked goods. They are a once in a great while treat. That is my choice. But this bakery is special and Em's baked goods are special. Once my 12 weeks of this program are over and as I transition into a maintenance phase, I will stop in the bakery to enjoy a cup of coffee with Emily. She is going to make me something very special. I will enjoy, make that savor, the delicious flavor of exactly one Nutella Triple Chocolate Brownie. I'll let that name sink in for a second.

T-R-I-P-L-E  C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E 

Wipe that drool off your lip.

I'll make sure to plan for it, get in a good workout that day and stop at just the one. Then I will return to my clean eating lifestyle.

This will give us both what we want:

  • Emily will have a happy, satisfied customer and a friend who feels loved.
  • I will enjoy a treat baked by a dear friend without derailing my path to a very clearly defined goal.

It's all about planning, compromise and remembering to enjoy life. I won't give up what I want most for a demanding "I want it now moment", but I remember that it is healthy to have an occasional deviation. No one is perfect.

Well, except maybe Emily. That lady rocks a kitchen! I mean, just look at that photo of her bialy!

I should point out, as a matter of record, that the two baguettes and the two pizza slices made it safely to my mother's hands. I drove there with a death grip on the wheel and my windows down because it all smelled so delicious. (My mother studiously avoided looking at the drool stains on my shirt.) I'm looking forward to my Nutella Triple Chocolate Brownie and coffee so very much and Emily's company even more. I really do appreciate that Emily cheers me along on my journey as well. She is not a "food pusher" and respects my choices. She is also the very same Emily who took the photographs for my blog, "Choose Your Hard".

Thank you as always, gentle reader, for following along. If you've missed the first six installments in my health and fitness journey, please click over to my blog archives at Merty Writes. In order, the blogs are:

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Oh yes, and meet the Head Baker and Owner of Get Baked, Miss Emily Woodward:


  1. I'm still stuck back at rugelach. Ooh, ooh, ooh!

    I so admire your dedication. No matter what goals we set, success is rarely instant or easy. "Choose your hard," you said, and I agreed. That's what it comes down to.

    I've chosen a gentler path than the one you're on, but it still requires consistency and the ability to draw lines. I'm doing it--imperfectly, but consistently. And consistently imperfect seems to be working. ;O)

    1. Her place is amazing, all the ingredients fresh & natural. But whoa the temptations. I did relearn an old lesson. Plan, plan, plan. I made the visit after a strenuous workout with Kevin and headed up to the bakery without a protein bar or shake to tide me over. That ride home was me battling over the desire to cram the slices right into my mouth which was watering versus knowing better. I opted to roll down all 4 windows on a chilly CT night and shivered the whole way home so the amazing scent wouldn't send me over the edge.
      Thank goodness for heated seats!!!

    2. And good for you, btw - consistency is the key. It's not about being perfect, it's about making the best choices you are able at any given place and time. I'm still waiting for the blog post on your Fitbit!

    3. I think I will cut and paste this on my refrig. I also have a great many lbs to lose and this might just be what will motivate me. Can I share your cake with you when I join you in losing the lbs?

    4. Sondra, you come on by and I will happily share my treat! My personal trainer has taught me that everyone deviates on occasion and it is okay as long as you plan for it. What are you doing, how much & how long - set that limit, then return to a good path - I've posted some good, healthy recipes on prior blogs, one for a good pizza using low carb wraps or tortillas - it's a favorite!
      Thank you for reading!

  2. Love this! Terrific! Now i hVe to go back and read the others!

  3. Love this! This is great! Now i have to go back and read the others...

  4. I can see you and Edgar now...all windows wide open flying down 91 on a chilly night!...Totally enjoyed this write and I hope to get up to Emily's real soon...I might want to spend a day or two just seeing how a bakery really operates...(It's always been a dream of mine to open one)...So proud of you for making the choices you have and for inspiring me to make some right choices along with you...Maybe I can ride up with you on "NUTELLA TRIPLE CHOCOLATE BROWNIE DAY"!!!

    1. KK, thank you! How much fun would it be for you to come to Windsor with me - you will love Emily and Get Baked, as well. There is a take a book, leave a book shelf, wifi, coffee and comfy seating. We'll have to make a date!

    2. And then we'll send Kevin the pictures! That will be 100 more burpees please.

  5. I am with Elizabeth. I am not much of sweet earter but when inside a bakery I suddenly want to lick the glass cases harboring the yummy goodness on the other side. I am off to a writing conference in May and want to drop a few pounds ( since a million is out of the question) I was thinking a dozen was doable. Only glass licking for me. And thank you for leaving me with the image of that horrible little girl.

    1. Brenda - I am with you on glass licking. But the important question is.... are you singing the horrible little girl's song?

  6. Yay Emily. If I lived anywhere close I'd plow through her doors.

    I actually had a first class passenger interrupt a service (And I'm FAST) with the words "I want it and I want it now." I didn't say it but I could hear my mother reply "how's it feel to want?"

    1. Love it! I always hear Garrison Keillor in my head, repeating his mother's "People in hell want ice water".
      Just wait for a photo blog when I finally get to eat that brownie!

  7. "Food pusher" made me laugh Emily.
    That is my whole Italian Family.
    You say, I'm not hungry.
    They say, "then just eat a sandwich" as they shove it in your face.

    I applaud your dedication. I look forward to watching your successful journey!

    1. Thanks, Peggy! I grew up on the words "just have a taste" as a loaf of bread appeared in front of me!

  8. Anything with Nutella is amazing. I would eat it with a slice of wood. Trying to lose what Nutella gave me,'s not easy being greedy!

    Great post!

    1. I used to love it as a kid on Italian bread. No PB&J for this Sicilian princess - in a word? Yum.
      Thank you for coming by!


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