Friday, April 13, 2012

The Triple Chocolate Nutella Brownie Caper of 2012

From early 2010 through 2011, my body morphed from a size 20 W trouser to a 2 misses. (The scintillating details may be found in this link - "Do These Nachos Make My Hiney Look Fat?"). In January, I started working with Caryn Acevedo at Accelerated Fitness Solutions (Cromwell location) to reduce my body fat (while maintaining or adding to muscle) using their 12 week FirstLine Therapy nutrition program.

A few weeks into this, my friend Emily Woodward opened Get Baked at 25 Central Street in Windsor, CT. My premise is do not give up what you want most for what you want right now. My dear friend understood that I would not eat a nibble of her confections until my 12 weeks were completed. You can read about that decision in my blog, "I WANT IT NOW".

When it comes to nutrition, the keys to success are planning and preparation. Emily and I planned my deviation into the world of desserts for April 12 which fell in the week I chose to relax my nutrition in order to enjoy a glass of wine and a little dessert before getting right back to setting new goals and cutting my body fat again.

I even chose my dessert ahead of time.

Emily posts photos of desserts, breads, and treats on Facebook. I love to peruse the pictures of cupcakes and admire her work. The colors and flavors practically jump off the screen. I'm so proud of my friend!

One day she posted:

My immediate response? Gimme.

Then I thought, no, that won't take me where I want to go. It needs to wait.

The date was planned, calendared and Emily agreed to make sure that I would have my chosen confection on the appointed day. I created the visit to Get Baked as an event on Facebook. On April 12th, Rosalie, Diane and Margie joined me in Windsor. (Thanks to those who could not take a day off or lived too far away to attend, but sent enthusiastic support. Yes, I will plan another visit, this time on a Saturday, in about 12 more weeks.)

If you've never been to Get Baked, it's very welcoming. I could write about it endlessly, but a few photos will tell you what you want to know.

What would Get Baked be without owner and head baker, Emily Woodward in the kitchen?

Cozy seating, leave a book, take a book and wifi

Checkers, anyone?

Yum. Yep, that covers it.

Look in these cases.



More yum.

Now you have an idea of how wonderful it is to visit Get Baked.

(If only I could make these pictures a scratch and sniff version.)

Margie arrived first. She not only got a TCNB for herself but she selected some yummies to bring home to her husband, Don.

This box is for Don.
Or at least that's what she claimed.

Margie with her TCNB and coffee.

This will give you an idea of how good it was.

Title this "A Very Happy Margie".

Rosalie and Diane arrived next. They opted to share a selection which included a frittata, scone and coffee cake.

Now we get to me, since I started this whole thing.

Emily picked out a Triple Chocolate Nutella Brownie just for me (and very nicely pulled a Vanna White to display it).

I opted to enjoy it with a cup of their coffee from Bean & Leaf.

Here's the thing - I knew it would taste good. But, in the back of my mind I thought, how good can a brownie be? You eat one brownie, it's like every other brownie unless someone really makes a bad mistake.

I was expecting to enjoy the brownie.

I took my first bite.

Nothing should ever taste this good. 

This didn't just meet my expectations, it made me utter "mmmmm" and "yummmm" and "oh my goodness" among other things.

Unreal deliciousness. 
That is what that brownie was in its very first bite.

In case you think I'm kidding, here's the next picture.

And then, I finally popped the last bite in my mouth. 

I wanted to go all Dickens-like and request just a bit more.

I believe that Emily is probably accustomed to what happened next. I'm not sure if I was inspired by the sugar, the chocolate, the Nutella or the butter, but I dropped to one knee and proposed.

Emily took it in stride. Kevin, her significant other of 13 years, didn't even look up from his work in the kitchen.

Thank goodness, the magical brownie spell wore off. Just be prepared for it when you stop in for your little bit of deliciousness.

Of course, I needed a "to-go" box for a co-worker named Cathy. Her selections included an oreo cookie cupcake, mini whoopie pie, baklava, chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate drizzled coconut macaroon and a triple chocolate nutella brownie.

Upon receipt of the gift box, Cathy repeatedly said things like, "oh no, this is too much", "how could you", "I can't eat this",  and "I should bring this to my son".

She said these things while taking bites and never released what seemed to be a very firm grip on the box.

By the end of the day that box was practically empty. I "believe" she saved the cupcake for her son.

(Sorry, Cathy, I just had to rat you out!)

So now you have the story of the Triple Chocolate Nutella Brownie Caper. If you'd like a similarly delightful afternoon, stop and see Emily at Get Baked in Windsor. If you have special requests, call them in a day or so ahead. You never know what magical things she will create on any given day.

In the meantime, I enjoyed my deviation from my regular plan very much but am back to it with new goals and dreams.

But, I'll return to see Emily soon.

Hope to see you there.

In the meantime, I'll be facing my trainer, the amazing Kevin Carlson of Accelerated Fitness Solutions in Cromwell. We have some work to do.

This is apparently the face he makes when he's deciding how many pushups I need to do.

Doesn't he look happy? I rather think it might be a lot!


  1. The place really does look inviting. Hey! If I walked all the way from here to there, I'd have burned enough calories to eat one of EVERYTHING!

  2. Liz, you know, that could work! Maybe if you carried some hand weights and did a nice lunging walk....I think my next visit will feature a doughnut muffin. Yummmm.

  3. Oh my goodness does it all look delish!!!!
    ~ J.D.D.

  4. Her goods are amazing - my friends keep making visits without me! Rosalie is back today for olive ciabatta breads! Yummy!

  5. I'm a weird person in that I don't like cake at all, so although I might have a coffee, I wouldn't even be tempted to buy or try any cake!

  6. Paula, it's such a great atmosphere - cake or no cake, you'd have a relaxing time!

  7. Great post and pictures! hahahah to the before, during and after pics of you eating the brownie! I'm in the mood for cheesecake! ;0)

  8. Thanks, Beachlover - from what I understand, her cheesecake is amazing, too. Yumm!


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